"Top 10 Business Etiquette"

Must have 10 Business Etiquette for your personal growth.

“The way the business things work in Russia is you have to meet people, you have to go through a certain amount of etiquette and business things are done just simply by a shake of the hand and whether they like you or not. “--Marc Almond

“Is this really important?” you ask. Actually, yes it is important, especially when your business etiquette or good manners can be one of your most important assets in dealing with bosses, important clients, or even with your co- workers.

So I think it might be wise for you to read and practice the following top 10 business etiquette tips:

Introduction of Spouse

Know how to introduce your spouse properly. Do not say, “This is my wife, Marie.” You should say instead, “This is Marie, my wife.” Why, you say. Putting the description before the name implies that your wife or spouse belongs to you, which is actually demeaning. The description before the name indicates that your spouse is an independent person who just happens to be married to you.

Office Clown

Do not become the office clown. This can become detrimental to your reputation especially to your long term career. Do not become the office jokester if you want your opinions and ideas to be taken seriously. But if this advice contradicts with your personality, I suggest that you maintain a low-key persona during office hours and less business-like persona after office hours.

Intoxication at business-related functions.

If you care about your career, please, do not get intoxicated during business functions. Using profanity in the business office is worst enough, being intoxicated tops this. You will be very sorry in the morning when you’re business partners or co-workers starts to look at you like you’re from another planet with 8 tentacles and big teeth… You don’t want that, do you? So never repeat, never do either.

Do not give your boss a gift

The exception to this matter is when you are in a relationship with your boss. Other than that, refrain and if possible, avoid giving gifts during holidays or birthdays to your boss. I know your good intentions for doing so, but this gesture can be misinterpreted as “apple-polishing” and puts the employer in an awkward position. My advice is to create an office fund for purchasing birthday gifts or taking your boss to lunch, make it as a group effort.

Do not correct your Boss in public

I think this statement is self explanatory right? If a mistake is made, explain in private. If it’s a must to correct your Boss (especially when your Boss misquoted or miscalculated an important detail), simply speak up gently and make the correction respectfully without snarling or “I’m smarter than my Boss” attitude.

Rise and shake hands during business introduction

Contrary to popular belief in business introduction, it doesn’t matter who offered a hand first, when you are being introduced, stand and make the offer to shake their hand.

Sexual Harassment

Err in the side of caution when giving a colleague or a client comments like how they look attractive in an outfit. If possible to refrain from giving comments like this, avoid it, and reserve these kinds of compliments for personal friends.

Meal time manners

If you are the one who made the invitation, you also should be the one to pay. Never make the mistake of making them pay for the meal. And never discuss business until your guests had the chance to order.

First name basis

The general rule is to always use an honorific title (Ms., Mr., Mrs.) until you are given the go signal to use their first name. And when introducing your boss to a client, use the Mr. or Ms. /Mrs. with their title (This is Mr. Joe, Vice President of Operations).

Never use profanity in any business situation

This will be the biggest breach of business etiquette, especially when it is being said or aimed to a person. As the saying goes, “Respect begets Respect”. If you want to be respected in your business world, have the decency to know that using profanity is derogatory, not just on the other persons part but especially to yours.

Always keep in mind that having good manner will not cost you any single cent, but it would keep an open door to better things, professionally and personally.


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