Racist Employment Tactics: Older Anglos and Allophones Disfavored

racial discrimination at the job, Anglos over 45 discriminated against

The lack of employment for the allophone education like those that have completed their high school diplomas and have degrees (Quebec has the highest rating regarding this) and even so allophones of a certain age are in misery regarding finding work. This is your over 45 group those who have a very good cultural base and yet because their family names so not end in a French accent, are unable to find work which their preparation and skill merits. Age could also be an issue when employers look for younger talent over the older experienced crop but this practice is supposed to be against the law and one should not discriminate on the basis of age sex or sexual orientation at the job place in this province.

They are likely to find service jobs or if they have back problems and cannot stand long hours, it is customer service or telemarketing work. Personal experience has revealed a racist behavior in the field of banking and processing work in the baking industry. It is likely that other industry, which values French over English, as the main language of business will cut out an allophone. Perhaps there is unsubstantiated fear at hiring him because his spoken French is not as good? Many Francophone themselves do not speak French the way they should according to visitors coming from France where the language began, so who are they to judge?

The history of employment for the allophone has been dismal when as in the case of those following another religion had to frequent the protestant system because they where not from the catholic mainstream. So Greek orthodox students where treated second best and were isolated from the French mainstream early on.

With Anglos a very small percentage can hold civil service jobs in the province as this author became aware of at Quebec Industry offices in Montreal. When Charest was asked why the level of Anglos is so low and is unfavourable towards the English-speaking people of Quebec he said it is such “to keep the peace”. What a horrible awakening for those Anglos, knowing that the chances of them ever being able to represent their people and others in their province will be cut down to insignificant even at the start.

The experience at the job-hunting centers is not any better with many jobs being negated outright to native English speakers as their resumes are thrown out once their family names are discovered. A survey currently being conducted of those over 45 will soon have statistics to show that their time to gain employment is longer; as it stands Anglos are less likely to find suitable jobs than gays or other minorities in the province making this a racial issue. It is also known that the province loses a good percentage of its blacks who do not get a fair chance at employment to match their skills either.

Provincial hardliners may deny their racial slant by saying that immigrants have failed to integrate. Then again the above information does not just touch those who have just arrived in the province it touches those like yours truly who have lived here all his life and has to put up with racist strategies that treat him as a second rate citizen even though he is perfectly functional in the French language, has good computer skills and a wealth of experience.

It is either that the 48 year old anglo serves French fries as one radio announcer quipped sarcastically about the issue, or has to leave the province and move to Ontario or elsewhere.


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