Leadership Development to Business Success:20 Best Companies in 2010 Globally

This article explains how 20 best companies reached its place on leadership development

GE, Northwest Airlines, Nestle, Coca-cola, Infosys, IBM and hp are among 20 best companies selected for their capability in leadership development and management. Organizations developing leaders during current economical situation show how optimistic and committed they are towards future generation. In this post, we will discuss how these companies achieved such a position.

Leaders are Born, Not Developed:

Even though, many of us agree with the above statement, leadership skills can be developed in people. When the leadership skills are developed, managers can become leaders in their own field. For example, GE focused on keeping people tight during the tough period by conducting training programs on leadership development, people management and change management. Many Indian IT giants faced crisis since there were not enough talent in leadership positions,whereas Infosys has taken a drastic step of changing their organizational structure. 

Leadership Development Methodologies:

Human Resource Managers found it difficult to provide resources with leadership skills at the needed time which caused project delays and in turn business revenue loss. Most of these organizations chosen as the best companies for leaderships development, their management has taken a bold action of revamping their organizational and leadership structure. People in higher positions with less leadership skills were identified for required training and development. Again I need to quote GE as an example, for its strategy of developing key resources by promoting them to a required position. Even in 2000, When Jack Welch was about to retire as a CEO (he retired in Sep 2001), there were three people(James McNerney, Robert Nardelli and Jeffrey Immelt) competing as his successor. GE promoted its key executives Joseph Hogan,John Rice and David Calhoun as a back up for the first trio. So that when one person goes upto Welch's office, there won't be any gap. 

Leadership in 2010:

After analyzing the trend on those top 20 companies, it shows that they are focusing on their long term goals rather short term. They are moving ahead with new strategies and organizational structures to attain their long term goals by leadership development programs. In the process, they aim at developing leaders rather managers. Leadership positions are assigned to those who has matured experience and other important skills that are necessary to fulfill their roles.

Change is the only thing that doesn’t change ever. Unless companies and organizations change their attitude to be in par with the changes in the world, sooner they will go unnoticed. Be it vertical or horizontal, management should also have women leaders in mind while developing the most important roles, since women are going to be a great part of world workforce in future. It is also very important that leadership development programs and processes ensure long term business success.


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