How to Make People Remember Your Business

No one wants their business card to end up in the trash, or worse, unnoticed at the bottom of a stack of same-fated cards.  Well, I gave a presentation this morning on how to GET NOTICED and STAY NOTICED in business.  The act of creating a memorable image that people will recognize, refer to, and support is called branding.  And the most powerful way to spark someone's memory is through their EMOTIONS.

When I work with people on their branding, and that can be in the form of: Identity design (website design, logo design, letterhead, business cards, gift certificates, etc.) Image consulting (what you wear, how you speak, with whom you speak), or Marketing and Promotional Planning

Or often a combination of all of the above…

I require just one thing: that they behave and speak from their hearts.That they honor their identities within the safety of my presence so that I can best help them create an image that accurately and emotively reflects who they are, what they do, how it's different, and why it matters. This is called engaging one's organic essence.

We’ve all gotten really good at silencing and talking over our inner voices. Or stifling them so much that when we DO let them out, they cause erratic, irrational and highly counterproductive behavior. And these inconsistencies can really break a small business, not to mention what it does to the people behind the business.

man in suit with a noose for a necktie

When I started my business, after stepping away from what felt like lifetimes being stifled, undervalued, and unmotivated in the corporate arena where much of the communication used is HR-driven B.S., I expected to see small businesses absolutely fired up about what they do, and why it’s important…so much so that they could barely contain their emotions about it.

But I was sorely mistaken and sadly disappointed in what I saw.  Not because small business don't have every right to brag, boast, and celebrate the mere fact that they are self-employed.  But because no one was doing any celebrating! Where was the emotion?

The small business has been poisoned by the "big business mentality."  Even so-called business coaches are advising 1-person businesses to give "elevator speeches" that focus on "what I do and who I am"... but neglect to communicate to their their clients (many of whom have very little sales or marketing experience) the importance of sharing their reasons for doing what they do.  Instead, some coaches teach their clients to speak in the 3rd person, tell little while lies about business size and capability, and regurgitate words and phrases in hopes of someone, somewhere, remembering what they say. I call this kind of branding "playing dress-up".  Pretending to be something you think/hope/pray your potential customer will want to hear but not connecting with them on a truly open and honest level.

How do you get people to remember you?  Not be being a "suit."  But by connecting with people on an open and honest level.  You never know who your next customer is.  On my website bio page I feature my pets on the very last line of my biography.  Wouldn't you know that I received a phone call from a now current client who connected with, and therefore remembered me because he is an animal lover too. Ultimately, he said it was my open and personable approach to branding that made him feel like he could trust me.

Organic Branding means sharing who you are with your audience without fear of judgement.  By doing this you only attract like-minded customers and therefore the best customers you will ever have.  Talk about creating community and sustainability for your brand!

Remember that when branding organically, you DO want to show your roots.  An organic brand that has strong, deeply anchored roots-- a true, dynamic, balanced identity-- will yield the most beautiful fruit: innovation, wealth, and longevity.

In my approach to organic branding, I focus on 4 core elements: Who I am, What I do, How it's different, and Why it matters.

I help my clients cultivate an awareness of how these elements interact with each other throughout life and business transitions and then develop strategic, real, tangible solutions for creating & marketing the best possible business identity.


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