Charities urge you - do not throw these items away.

charity donations. charitable donations. Donate bedding. Donate clothing. donate computers and their hardware. Donate food. Donate furniture. Donate sunglasses and prescription glasses. Donate mobile phones. donate scrap cars. Donate shoes. What you can d

Here in the West we are considered to be a throw away society, but in recent years we have been educated in the benefits of re - cycling in order to save our planet.

However, we are still in the habit of throwing away certain items that seem inappropriate or outmoded for the re - cyclng centres or charity shops.

Most of these items are generally donated to charity or thrift shops, but even then, we are somewhat picky in what we give away, not wanting to fill up these types of shops with items we think they may not be able to sell.

Therefore, many items, of which many people are unaware, are still being thrown away, which could benefit many people around the world.

Below I have compiled a list of items which are still high on our throw away lists, but which can be given a home to many of the world's charity organisations. For a comprehensive list of charities visit


Bedding is always taken by The Salvation Army for street people or by disaster area relief funds.The bedding does not have to be in pristine condition or the very latest style, just in one piece and not heavilly soiled.

With Winter approaching, many of these charities are crying out for warm blankets and quilts for people forced out of their homes by natural disaster.


I know that many of us donate unwanted clothing to charity shops, but many people are of the mind that if the clothing is old fashioned or out moded they will not be able to sell it, and therefore throw it away.

Old clothing will be taken by any of the disaster releif charities in order to give much needed clothing to people who have lost everything in floods or earthquakes.

Even ripped and damaged clothing, if donated to charity shops, will make money for them, as they can sell them on to ' Rag Men' who buy them for various industries.


Computers and their hardware can be donated to several of the third world country charities, where they are donated to schools and youth groups in the very poorest regions around the world.

Even broken or damaged goods are taken as there are volunteers who can repair them.


Food never goes to waste, even in our society, so next time you have a clear out in your kitchen cupboards, donate any unwanted tinned or dried goods that you no longer want to your local homeless shelter or church charity.

This food is used towards the daily meals supplied by charity soup kitchens for the homeless.

If you are able to grow your own, any of your surplus can also be donated to these charities where they are always gratefully received.


Some re - cycling centres have furniture donating areas, but these items of furniture are often picked up by people who already have plenty, or are taken away by furniture restorers, second hand furniture dealers and even the re - cycling centre employees who then sell them on for their own gain.

Instead, try donating the furniture to local or church charities in your areas who collect furniture for the poor and needy in your own neighbourhood, many have vans and will come and collect it from you.


Both sunglasses and prescription glasses are collected for third world charities, where these glasses can change the lives of some of their recipients.

Donation boxes can be found at most opticians establishments, where they are collected and then sent on to countries where eye care is limited.


Mobile phone ' throw away centres' are everywhere these days, but generally the type of establishments that are collecting them are doing so for their own gain.

Instead donate your unwanted mobile phones to any charity who will have a donation box on their premises, and they can sell them on to make money for their charity.


Scrap cars, motorbikes and cycles gathering rust in your back yard can be donated to any charity of your choice, where they will collect it, take it to a local scrap metal dealer and use the money for their own charity.


Old shoes will never die whilst half the third world walk around barefoot. All third world charity organisations will take your unwanted footwear, providing they are not broken or heavilly soiled, so next time you think that your pair of Jimmy Choo's brought in the sales last year will not be appropriate for the local charity shop, think of some teenage girl in the Congo who has never owned a pair of shoes in her life, Jimmy Choo's or otherwise.


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