Being a Sales Associate: How to Sell Effectively

Today's consumers are intelligent and they do their homework before making big purchases. The current state of the economy requires sales people to reassure the customer/client that the product they are interested in will last. Be genuine and honest in your selling approach. Do not mislead the client to believe the product is better than it is, but do emphasize the advantages of the given product. It is our job to impart product knowledge in order to alleviate doubt. The impulse purchase is rare and it is not likely to return when the economy recovers. The 'throw-away' consumer base is dissolving and people are now making commitments to their purchases. This is part of the green revolution.

1. Do qualify clients when they come in your store. Sometimes sales persons are advised not to do this, but they usually mean that you should not assume that a given person will or will not make a purchase, and you should never base the attention you give to patrons on these assumptions. Talk to people and find out what their needs are. Find out whether they are looking to make a purchase today or if they are browsing for the future.

2. The approach - Generally, if patrons move steadily through the space and look but do not touch anything they have already decided that they are not going to buy anything. If a patron slows to look closely at something they are likely considering how it would benefit them personally and fit into their space. This pause is a good opportunity for the sales person to approach and inquire as to whether or not they have any questions. Get the customer/client talking and establish a connection.

3. Educate the customer on how the product was manufactured, and the quality of materials. Inform the client as to why a given product is the best solution for their needs.

4. Inform them of the warranty on the product if applicable. This demonstrates the companies commitment to the product. 5. Tell them how to care for the product to establish whether or not the product in question is appropriate for them.

6. People buy products to make their lives easier and more comfortable. Inquire about your clients lifestyle and habits. Explain how the product would relate to and improve upon their life. There are fewer complaints and returns when you help customers/clients to make the right choices for their personal needs. A true sales person is not driven by commissions, but rather they take pride in their work and providing quality customer service.

Every store varies in clientele based on both the real estate value of the area and what is located nearby. It takes time for a sales person to adjust to the needs of people within a specific area. Most importantly always be kind and courtious because word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement. Even if a customer does not make a purchase they may still send you referrals.


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